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Our Philosophy

  • Faith in our team that creates unity in our direction to achieve the highest value of service and quality of workmanship and materials for our clients

  • Integrity means honesty and transparency are paramount.  We provide our clients with a clear and understandable vision of the design, schedule, and financing expectations for their project.  

  • Quality means durability in our building design and system implementation at every calculated stage in construction.

  • Quality means careful consideration of steps to provide maximum durability for the home.  We want our customers to have the opportunity to enjoy their homes for generations to come.

  • Quality means that we refuse to cut corners, but we work tirelessly to achieve the highest value in our means and methods.

  • Efficiency means that because we are considerate of quality and sustainability through application of high performance building science practices for our clients home, we build with a high level of energy efficiency that provides longer lasting value to our customers.

Our Team

Savannah Grace Homes is a Houston based, family owned and operated business. Cullen is in the field most days ensuring each job is getting the best attention possible. Tammy spends countless hours behind the scenes to keep the cogs of business moving. When not focused in on projects, both Cullen and Tammy have two children to fill any gaps in time.​

Steven Topel
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